<p>Building SIP houses</p>
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Building SIP houses

Our company is one of the leaders in the construction of houses with modern and eco-friendly SIPs. Even the most complex architectural structure can be built in just 30 days.

Prefer to build your home by yourself? We provide high-quality SIPs at low prices.

We have been producing construction materials and building houses since 2002

How to build a warm house with SIPs?

In recent years, the Canadian building technology that uses sandwich panels has become quite popular in the construction of houses.

The main advantage of this construction method is the ability to save time and money. Low-cost and quickly erectable houses have the same quality as traditional brick buildings. They are durable and retain heat well.

Building your house with SIPs is a cost-effective and reasonable solution.

Projects of SIP houses

ETZ Group uses ready-made and individual drawings for the construction of turnkey houses. With more than 15 years of work in the field of low-rise housing construction, we provide a full range of services, from geological surveys and design to facility commissioning and landscaping. And these are not all the benefits offered by our company.

Advantages of SIP houses

SIP houses are built for permanent residence. They are reliable, durable, and pleasant to look at.

What do we know about these houses?

  • Low cost
    The panels are lightweight, so the construction of a deep foundation is not required. The wholesale price of the panels is significantly lower.
  • Energy efficiency
    Polystyrene foam minimizes heat losses. It is a high-quality material that can withstand severe frosts without losing its working properties.
  • Moving into a new-build house once the building is complete
    The house has a lightweight structure that does not shrink. Therefore, you can celebrate moving into a new home a couple of days after the construction is complete. You just have to wait until the company’s employees take out the garbage and beautify the nearby territory.
  • Eco-friendliness
    SIPs are completely safe for health. This fact is confirmed by test reports and international quality certificates. At the same time, the materials retain all the properties of natural wood.
  • Easy assembly
    All materials are produced in-house, and the assembly process is similar to assembling a toy constructor. Thanks to the coordinated work of our specialists, we can build a house in only 1 week!
  • We build year-round
    We can build a house and install a foundation even in severe frosts. The structures are not exposed to water due to a lack of rain, and the construction site is free of dirt.
  • Structural strength certified
    Structural insulated panels are load-bearing elements. That is why a SIP house is many times stronger than conventional timber, frame, panel, and other houses.
  • Building a house in 45 days!
    We provide a turnkey delivery within 2-4 months. The cascade construction takes 1 month. We build year-round.
  • Light weight
  • Minimum construction time
  • High thermal efficiency
  • Increased sound insulation of walls
  • No non-working seasons
  • Ultimate ease of assembly of the building

Popular questions and answers

Stages of building a SIP house

The construction process is virtually identical to the construction of wooden or brick houses. First, we install or pour the foundation, mount the structure, and lay the roof, after which external and internal finishing works begin. The main advantage, in comparison with other houses, is the speed of construction. SIP houses are built 3-4 times faster.

  • 01
    Producing. Transporting. Warehousing
  • 02
    Installing foundations
  • 03
    Framing foundations with timber
  • 04
    Building a ground-floor slab
  • 05
    Building house walls
  • 06
    Building a roof
Stages of building a SIP house
  • 07
    Building exterior doors and window units
  • 08
    Roof cladding
  • 09
    Exterior finishing
  • 10
    Interior finishing
  • 11