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The Garden Room SIP Kit includes insulated SIPs panels cut to size for walls, roof, and floor, along with necessary assembly materials such as glue, screws, and C24 Timber. Manufactured in the UK, the panels feature EPS 70 Gray insulation sandwiched between OSB3 layers, offering a sustainable and efficient solution for your garden room or office project. With fast delivery within 5-7 working days from order placement, this kit provides a practical and cost-effective option for creating your ideal garden building.

  • Product: Garden rooms
  • Size: 4880 x 3900 x 2500
£4370 +VAT


  • Product: Garden room SIP kit
  • Size: 4880 x 3900 x 2500 mm

What's Included:

  • Insulated SIPs panels cut to size (122mm for Wall, Roof, and Floor)
  • Glue, Screws, C24 Timber
  • Assembly guide with technical drawings


  • Quality SIPs panels made in the UK
    • EPS 70 Gray insulation between OSB3 layers
    • 100% recyclable EPS insulation with zero Ozone Depletion Potential
  • +/- 5mm tolerance due to manufacturing processes
  • Fast delivery: 5-7 working days from order
  • Bespoke SIPs garden kit or office available starting from £260.00 per 1M2 floor space

Additional Information:

  • Fitting cost available upon request
  • Delivery charges apply based on postcode
  • All SIPs panels, garden office kits, and extension kits are manufactured in the UK

If you're looking for a practical and efficient solution to create your garden room or office, our SIP kit provides all the essentials for a quick and easy assembly process. Enjoy high-quality materials and precise construction to bring your garden building project to life.