<p>The mission of our company is to implement the dream of living in an energy-efficient house</p>
Building energy-efficient houses

The mission of our company is to implement the dream of living in an energy-efficient house

For more than 20+ years, ETZ Group has been engaged in wooden cottages, SIP buildings and houses.

Currently, our company offers the construction of energy-efficient houses throughout England. We produce SIP panels and develop our projects following all modern energy-efficiency standards. We can help to design your energy-efficient passive home.

  • Timber Suppliers
  • Construction of energy-saving houses
Eco-friendly materials

Reliable supplier of the best-quality lumber

Our company cares about the environment and takes a highly-responsible approach to forest conservation. ETZ Group is a reliable lumber supplier that guarantees high-quality products. Only young trees with a strong and beautiful texture are used as raw materials.

During its operation, the company’s services have been used by hundreds of private and legal entities. Large construction contractors regularly buy construction lumber produced by us. We are happy to offer our customers a wide range of coniferous and hardwood species, a unique drying technology, and a patented line for the production of SIP panels and wood blanks.

The company’s products are used for open terraces, piers, summer cafes and verandas, baths, saunas, and recreation areas.

Company Benefits

Benefits of working with ETZ Group

Thanks to our qualified team of professionals, we can provide the lumber market with the widest range of quality products with excellent performance characteristics.

Why choose us?

  • We use modern methods of construction;
  • The service life of our wooden structures exceeds 25 years;
  • Designers of our company can bring any author’s idea to life;
  • Our houses meet all legal requirements;
  • Those who have already used our services recommend us to their friends.

ETZ Group is one of the top sellers in the UK market. We strive for excellence:

  • We develop production;
  • We offer new products;
  • We maintain an honest and open pricing policy.

A turnkey energy-efficient house made of natural wood is not a dream. It is a reality that fully depends on you. Trust us, and the result will exceed your expectations.

  • It's easy to build with us
  • Quality wood processing
  • Advanced technologies
  • Modern construction methods