Prefabricates SIPs Kits
Prefabricates SIPs Kits

Home Extension Kits: Expand Your Living Space with Ease

Discover our range of SIP panel home extension kits to effortlessly add more space to your home.

From easy-to-install solutions to customizable options, find everything you need to transform and extend your living area with durable and energy-efficient SIP panels.

Green Solutions
Green Solutions

Outdoor offices and gyms kits made in the UK

ETZ Group experts have been working all over England for many years. Building from SIP panels garden offices and gyms for your family use.

We provide excellent and quick service for your home's existing and future projects.

Energy efficient solutions
Energy efficient solutions

Net zero energy and passive buildings

Let's design and build your passive energy house together for you and your family.

Quality materials

Our products are durable, reliable, long-lasting, as well as resistant to moisture, direct sunlight, temperature extremes, and mechanical damage. Our houses can resist wind and seismic loads.


Professional team

Many years of experience supplying SIP panels building and garden offices allow us to provide a high level of service to our customers.

We will provide advice and develop a project to construct energy-efficient buildings.


Unique Solutions

Our company has successfully implemented more than 20+ projects. We have extensive experience and will help you solve problems in the construction of wooden houses or energy-efficient homes.

About ETZ Group

The best building solutions for energy-efficient buildings in England

Many modern city dwellers try to reduce their energy costs. At the initial stage of construction, you need to make the right choice so that your future residential facility is energy-efficient and comfortable for living.

The ETZ Group construction company will make any of your dreams come true, since the construction of energy-efficient SIP houses is one of the main areas that our company has been engaged in for many years.

Our company will help you to get SIP panels and wood for your project and provide services for the construction of energy-efficient houses.

About ETZ Group About ETZ Group About ETZ Group

Energy-Efficient Solutions and Prefabricated Kits

Discover our range of energy-efficient solutions and prefabricated kits designed to enhance your living space. From SIP panels to larch cladding, we offer high-quality and durable products to meet your construction needs. Explore our catalog and turn your house into a comfortable and sustainable home.

Benefits of cooperation with ETZ Group

ETZ Group provides attractive prices for construction. We offer one of the most low-cost services in southern England. Our time-proven production technologies allow us to implement even the most complex original project.

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    Professional builders
    We are proud of our staff of highly professional experience in the working industry.
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    Best wooden materials
    We use only high-quality building materials of those brands indicated in the design and estimate documentation. Minimal waste of materials can significantly save money.
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    High-speed construction
    Our employees create an accurate construction estimate and indicate only those works that are necessary for the construction of a particular facility.
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    Guarantee of durability
    We provide a guarantee for our work.
  • 05
    Individual approach
    We are ready to work together to meet all the customer’s wishes.
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    Professional equipment
    We have all the necessary knowledge, tools and construction equipment to perform the work. During the construction process, the latest specialist equipment and tools are used.
Our global work industries

What our client says Feedback?

Arthur W.

I had a great experience ordering a garden office from ETZ Group. The team was professional, attentive to detail, and the quality of their work exceeded my expectations. Highly recommended for top-notch construction services.

Mark Colin
CEO Company
“ I had a great experience with ETZ Group. Their team was professional, friendly and delivered excellent results on time and within budget. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of a first class construction service. ”
David Johns
Team Lead
“ETZ Group Company's larch cladding product combines innovative technology with exceptional durability. It's a top choice for anyone looking for a high-performance and visually appealing solution.”
Anastasia Stone
Business Analyst
"I feel that the ETZ Group team respected, valued and listened to me throughout the entire construction process. Their attention to detail and quality of work exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend ETZ Group Company for their exceptional service and commitment to providing a positive experience for all clients."

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